Enabling Weighted Slices
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This topic provides an introductory overview of enabling weighted slices on the IGFunnelChartView control and demonstrates its configuration using a code example.

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Weighted slices summary

By default, the IGFunnelChartView uses a uniform slice display, rendering all of the funnel slices with equal height, whereas weighted slices allow you to render your data using a slice whose height is proportionate to its value. To change from the uniform slice display to weighted slices, set the funnelSliceDisplay property to the IGFunnelSliceDisplayWeighted enumeration value.

The IGFunnelChartView using weighted slices is illustrated below.

Weighted Slices on the IGFunnelChartView – Code Example


The following code sets the funnelSliceDisplay property to IGFunnelSliceDisplayWeighted thereby enabling weighted slices on the IGFunnelChartView.


This code example requires the inclusion of the Chart framework, detail about how to add this framework can be found in the Adding the Chart Framework File topic.


In C#:

IGFunnelChartView funnel = new IGFunnelChartView();
//Configure the funnel
funnel.FunnelSliceDisplay = IGFunnelSliceDisplay.Weighted;

In Objective-C:

IGFunnelChartView *funnel = [[IGFunnelChartView alloc] init];
//Configure the funnel
funnel.funnelSliceDisplay = IGFunnelSliceDisplayWeighted;
[self.view addSubview:funnel];

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