Configuring Dynamic Row Height
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This topic provides an overview of configuring dynamic row height on the IGGridView™ control.

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Dynamic Row Height summary

Dynamic row height is a data source helper feature that adjusts a row’s height to make all cells’ content visible. To enable this feature, set the dynamicRowHeight property, found on the IGGridViewDataSourceHelper instance, to YES. The following image illustrates a dynamically sized section of rows.

To support the dynamic row height feature when using a custom column definition, override the resolveHeightForPath:inGrid:usingWidth:inDataSource: IGGridViewColumnDefinition method. The aforementioned method asks a column the amount of height it needs for a row. It provides the actual width of the column so that you can make the calculation properly. After all the columns in a row are calculated, the IGGridViewDataSourceHelper uses the largest height for the row.

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