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This topic provides a conceptual overview of sorting columns in the IGGridView™ control.

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The IGGridView control’s data source helper classes allow you to use the sortedColumns property to sort columns in ascending or descending order. To use the sortedColumns collection, first create an IGGridViewSortedColumn object, initialize field names and declare sort direction.

In C#:

IGGridViewSortedColumn sortCol = new IGGridViewSortedColumn("firstName", IGGridViewSortedColumnDirection.IGGridViewSortedColumnDirectionAscending);

In Objective-C:

IGGridViewSortedColumn* sortCol = [[IGGridViewSortedColumn alloc]initWithField:@"firstName" forDirection:IGGridViewSortedColumnDirectionAscending];
[_dataSource.sortedColumns addObject:sortCol];

The sort direction supplied with the IGGridViewSortedColumn initialization method supports these enumerations.

  • IGGridViewSortedColumnDirectionAscending
  • IGGridViewSortedColumnDirectionDescending
  • IGGridViewSortedColumnDirectionNone
Note: The order in which the columns are added to the sortedColumns collection determines the sort order priority, with the first column added having the highest priority and so on.

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