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This section gives you an overview of the use of the IGOverlayView™ control. It contains information ranging from what the control does to the step-by-step procedures on how to accomplish common tasks using the control.

Click the links below to access important information about the IGOverlayView control.

About IGOverlayView

The IGOverlayView is a powerful and extremely flexible control for displaying any type of view that will overlay another view, with or without animation, when shown or dismissed. A total of 12 overlay animations are included, with 2 of these animation types allowing for custom animations limited by your imagination.

Adding views to overlay another view is a cinch, but if you require more than a quick and simple solution, the IGOverlayView was also designed to be extended upon. By deriving from the IGOverlayView class, you can tap into your creative psyche while using the IGOverlayView to help push your app to the next level.

Adding the IG Framework File

This topic demonstrates how to add the IG framework file to a project.

Adding an Overlay to a View

This topic provides basic information about creating an instance of the IGOverlayView to help you get up and running with this control.

Configuring IGOverlayView

The topics in this group explain and demonstrate enabling, configuring, and using the IGOverlayView control’s supported features.