IGBollingerBandWidthIndicator Class Reference

Inherits from IGStrategyBasedIndicator : IGFinancialIndicator : IGFinancialSeries : IGSeries : NSObject
Declared in FinancialSeries.h


The IGChartView control’s BollingerBandWidthIndicator is a financial indicator used with the Bollinger Bands Overlay. Bollinger Band Width Indicator represents the width of the Bollinger bands at a given point. The more variation there is, the wider the band. Narrowing bandwidth (lower values) indicates decreases in standard deviation and widening bandwidth (higher values) indicates increasing standard deviation in price. The BollingerBandWidthIndicator supports a scaling factor like the BollingerBandsOverlay, so that their values can be matched.


A value that determines the multiplier for the series. The default value is 2.

@property (nonatomic) double multiplier

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A value that determines the period for the Bollinger series. The default value is 20.

@property (nonatomic) NSInteger period

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