IGBubbleSeries Class Reference

Inherits from IGScatterBase : IGMarkerSeries : IGSeries : NSObject
Declared in Series.h


IGBubbleSeries uses cartesian coordinates to display markers of varying sizes. Each marker is placed at a point denoted by a pair of numeric values. The size of the marker is determined by the radius value of the data point. IGBubbleSeries uses IGNumericXAxis and IGNumericYAxis. The data source is a collection of points, each with two numeric values, a radius and a label. IGBubbleSeriesDataSourceHelper can be used as the datasource for IGBubbleSeries.

IGBubbleSeries supports several scales. Fill scale is used to color the bubble markers based on a custom palette and radius scale is used to size the markers according to the scale’s properties.


Specifies the scale for marker brushes. This property is used to set a brush scale to the bubble series. The markers will be colored using the brushes from IGBrushScale. The brushes can be used sequentially or they can be interpolated.

@property (nonatomic, retain, nullable) IGBrushScale *fillScale

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Specifies the scale for marker sizes. This property is used to set a numeric scale to the marker sizes. When the scale is set, the smallest marker will be set to the smallest value of the scale, while the largest marker will be set to the largest value of the scale. The rest of the markers will be scalled accordingly.

@property (nonatomic, retain, nullable) IGSizeScale *radiusScale

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