IGCustomPaletteBrushScale Class Reference

Inherits from IGBrushScale : IGSizeScale : NSObject
Declared in Core.h


A custom palette brush scale is as a collection of brushes that can be applied as a repeating or an interpolated pattern. The brushSelectionMode property determines how the scale applies brushes to shapes. This class is used by IGBubbleSeries brushScale property. IGCustomPaletteBrushScale uses the index of a bubble marker to select a brush from the brushes collection.


An enumeration value that determines the scaling mode.

@property (nonatomic) IGBrushSelectionMode brushSelectionMode


When set to IGBrushSelectionModeSelect, brushes are applied in a sequential repeating pattern. When set to IGBrushSelectionModeInterpolate, brushes are interpolated based on the bubble’s index and the number of brushes in the collection..

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