IGGridViewReorderCell Class Reference

Inherits from IGGridViewCellBase : UIView
Conforms to UIGestureRecognizerDelegate
Declared in IGGridViewCell.h


This is the cell that is used for the row reordering indicator in the IGGridView

You can use the reorderView property to change what the indicator looks like.

To apply a derived version of this cell in the IGGridView, you can use the following selector from the IGGridViewDataSource: - (IGGridViewReorderCell ) gridView:(IGGridView )gridView cellForReorderingAtPath:(IGCellPath*)path;



The UIView that is used as the visual indicator for reordering rows.

@property (nonatomic, retain, nullable) UIView *reorderView


Note: this view will only be displayed if that particular row supports reordering.

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