IGPolarAreaSeries Class Reference

Inherits from IGPolarBase : IGMarkerSeries : IGSeries : NSObject
Declared in Series.h


IGPolarAreaSeries has a shape of a filled polygon with vertices or corners located at the polar coordinates of data points. The IGPolarAreaSeries uses the same concepts of data plotting as the IGScatterSeries but wraps data points around a circle rather than stretching them along a horizontal line. Like with other series types, multiple IGPolarAreaSeries can be plotted in the same chart view and they can be overlaid on top of each other to show differences and similarities between data sets.

IGPolarAreaSeries uses IGNumericAngleAxis and IGNumericRadiusAxis. Markers are placed at the locations of data points. IGPolarSeriesDataSourceHelper can be used as the data source for this series.


An enumeration value that determines how empty values are handled. This property specifies whether null values are treated as zeroes, skipped over or if an interpolation is used. Default value: IGUnknownValuePlottingDontPlot

@property (nonatomic) IGUnknownValuePlotting unknownValuePlotting

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