IGScatterLineSeries Class Reference

Inherits from IGScatterBase : IGMarkerSeries : IGSeries : NSObject
Declared in Series.h


IGScatterLineSeries uses cartesian coordinates to display markers connected with lines. Each marker is placed at a point denoted by a pair of numeric values. IGScatterLineSeries uses IGNumericXAxis and IGNumericYAxis. The data source is a collection of scatter points, each with two numeric values and a label. IGScatterSeriesDataSourceHelper can be used as the datasource for IGScatterLineSeries.


An enumeration value that determines how empty values are handled. This property specifies whether null values are treated as zeroes, skipped over or if an interpolation is used. Default value: IGUnknownValuePlottingDontPlot

@property (nonatomic) IGUnknownValuePlotting unknownValuePlotting

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