IGSlideTabItem Class Reference

Inherits from IGSlideTabBase : NSObject
Conforms to UIGestureRecognizerDelegate
Declared in IGSlideTabItem.h


The IGSlideTabItem is the base class for all tab items in the IGSlideTabView. It represents the tab view and content area view.

Upon accessing the view properties of the tabView or contentView property, should either of these be nil, they will automatically create a default instance. To use a custom view for the tabView or contentView, simply assign a UIView to the respective property.

Tab items can be hidden, pulsed, tapped, swiped, expanded and collapsed all through interaction or programmatically. Properties and events for all features are provided for complete flexibility.

+ tabWithLocation:title:tabView:contentView:

Initializes an IGSlideTabItem.

+ (IGSlideTabItem *)tabWithLocation:(IGSlideTabLocation)location title:(NSString *)title tabView:(UIView *)tabView contentView:(UIView *)contentView



The IGSlideTabLocation to place the tab item.


The title text to place in the tab view.


The UIView to use as the tabView. May be nil to use the default tab appearance.


The UIView to use as the contentView. May be nil to use the default content appearance.

Return Value

The initialized IGSlideTabItem.

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